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Dr. Britta Sprick at YUVEDO Foundation!

Dr. Britta Sprick is a lawyer and in-house lawyer and lives with her partner and two children in Gütersloh. She received her diagnosis in June 2020, her motto is: »Giving up is not an option«.

»We patients are too nice, too quiet and often already too severely affected by the disease to get science and pharmaceuticals to take the necessary action. That's why we need attention, a wide audience, we have to become our strongest lobby, we have to get far out of our comfort zone, show our face and finally get loud.«

With this in mind, she opened an Instagram account in April 2022, with which she addresses patients, relatives, therapists, but also those who are not affected. It provides information about methods of conventional medicine, but also about alternative healing methods, therapeutic aids and general tips and tricks about the disease. She also shares her very own worries and thoughts quite openly and unvarnished. A publisher approached Britta Sprick because of the high number of followers she had reached in a very short time. Britta Sprick agreed to the publication of the account as a book on the condition that this becomes a donation project for the benefit of the Yuvedo Foundation. The book can be purchased via Amazon, but also directly via email guginstabook@gmail.com.

Instagram Account @geschuettelt_und_geruehrt
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